Published On: Tue, Oct 3rd, 2017

Stephen Paddock Killed At Least 59 In Los Vegas As Deadliest Gun Attack Ever In US

At least 59 have dead while more than 527 are injured as retired accountant Stephen Paddock opened the fire on Sunday night in an outdoor concert festival where he planned for three days to make an attack and it is deadliest attack ever in American history.


The initial reports says that the gunman planned for three days in the room of hotel where he booked the room, he waited for a huge crowd as on Sunday about 22,000 people were there in the singing concert in Los Vegas.

He blindly opened the fire as dozens of people have dead and hundreds of the people are injured while some of them are in serious condition.

According to the investigations that the 64 year old man was equipped with various types of weapons which he used to make the attack on the concert crowd.

The singer was on stage where he was singing but later in moments everywhere blood was moving and it is said by the police the Stephen was in vantage point of a 32nd-floor hotel room.

It is said by the investigators that the retired accountant Paddock shoot from 32 floor of hotel room as he was in wait from three days for a big crowd.

he was equipped with 23 types of powerful weapons like semi-automatic rifles while when police went to catch him in the room, he committed suicide with his own gun and still now the motive of his shooting is still unknown.

The Los Vegas police are in search of find out the motive of the attack as they are also checking his personal life aspects to find any clue but still now the investigators are unable to catch any point and this attack is considered as deadliest gun- attack in American history.

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