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South Korea Frankenmissile: Army Plans To Targeting The North Korea Nuclear Power

An alarming situation for the North Korean nuclear powers came out as South Korean military is planning to develop the Frankenmissile to target their atomic powers with reference to win the initial level of war against their neighbor country.


During National Assembly‘s Defence Committee in recent days, it is announced by the Country’s army that South Korea is going to develop the Hyunmoo IV which is also known as surface to surface missile.

While this is enough to destroy the underground military facilities and command centre of North Korea, this has increased the tensions of neighbor country.

The region is facing serious type of threats as the most powerful countries are talking about the nuclear war.

North Korea has said in recent days that war head will be there in nearly future if they felt any threat for themselves.

The both South as well as North Korea are deploying their forces across the border and now the there is a alarming situation in the region because of their war behavior.

With the use of combination of intermediate-range ballistic missiles of Hyunmoo-class and that missiles which can hit the North Korea surface to surface.

South Korean can destroy the Pyongyang’s nuclear missiles as well as their underground command centers and now the army said in Parliamentary committee that they are developing a Frankenmissile which can be cause of destruction of North’s nuclear powers.

South Korean army told the parliament about their initial plans with refer to win the war against Pyongyang on Thursday.

They said that three types of missile will used by them to bring down the North Korean’s nuclear powers as well as long-range artillery units that are planted in the areas of missile operating control system and Frankenmissile will be developed through US assistance.

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