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Social Media Helps In Russian Investigation To Senate Intelligence Committee

At least from more than 9 months, Twitter as well as Facebook is trying to keep low down the intensity of the public about the election campaign case of last year and now it is confirmed that social media will help the intelligence committee.


The intelligence committee of the congress is dealing with the 2016 campaign case, the investigators are trying to check out the news that through use of social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Russia influenced the election and they helped the Donald Trump to become the President of US while the eyes of the protection agencies are on the relations of the two countries which can affected after results.

According to chairman of the Senate intelligence committee that news about Facebook is going to rise as social media helped to influence the 2016 election.

It was said that worth ads were on the Facebook during the campaign and it seems right that that was running from the Russia while that all accounts are fake.

Donald Trump got the victory in 2016 election against Hillary Clinton with a big margin, while after some months it came the news that Russia helped him to win the election.

As months ago Trump’s son revealed that he met with Russian attorney general in Trump tower to discuss some issues and now the presidency under threat as it looks like Russia was involved in the case.

Senator Richard Burr, Republican-North Carolina said on Thursday that about $100,000 was spent on running ads through many fake accounts that was probably run from Russia.

which were about to raise the issues of race while they have some relations with Trump’s campaign in 2016 election and now Twitter as well as Facebook has confirmed to help the Intelligence committee in case.

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