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Sex Slave For Sale: British Model Kidnapped In Italy To Auction Her Off On Dark Web

20-year British beautiful model Chloe Ayling was kidnapped; according to her she was flying to Milan for a photoshoot because she was drugged and didn’t know about the reality, the kidnapers kidnapped her to auction her off as sex slave for sale on dark web.


a criminal gang tried to auction the glamour British model online as a sex slave for sale, she has got back by the police, she told to reporters that she was drugged.

She thought that she was taking to Milan for a photoshoot but unfortunately she was kidnapped and a group of criminals wanted to sale her on dark web as sex slave.

Chloe Ayling is an 20 year old British model, she is known as one of the most beautiful models in the country, she was kidnapped by a criminal gang.

She was kept in a bag for six days, she was unfamiliar with the purpose of the kidnappers and she was thought as she was going to Milan for Photoshoot because she is one of the top ranked celebrities for magazine’s front page.

Police has caught the master mind of the kidnap, he told to them that they were planned o sale her on dark web as auction her off as sex slave, the 30 year British resident was caught by Police in charges of abduction and illegal imprisonment.

The 20 year old model is a mother who told to media that she saw two men clearly when she was in bag but she was drugged, according to model she though as they were taking to her for a photoshoot.

She was kidnapped on 11 July and with two of them there were another three people but she didn’t recognized them and police is in search of them.

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