Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

Senate Intelligence Panel Meeting With Former National Security Adviser Of Obama

Intelligence panel of Senate will meet this week with some former national security advisors and Susan Rice will speak to committee on the front of panel who are investigating the case of Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign.


Former national security advisor Susan Rice will speak to the committee panel who is interviewing the former Obama administration officials and they are investigating the case of Russian interference in 2016 election as it is said that Donald Trump got the help of Russia to winning the election against Hillary Clinton.

It is said that during the 2016 election campaign Russia helped the American current president Donald Trump to win the election against his opponent Hillary Clinton, she was in strong position before the election days but after the result America faced shocking news that Donald Trump became the new face of US in terms of the President.

The Panel which is investigating the case of Russian interference, has invited the former several national security advisors for further investigation, they are interviewing them and now Former National security advisor Susan who belonged to Obama’s official will speak to Senate panel this week.

Donald Trump presidency is in danger now as his youngest son revealed that he met with Russian lawyer is an Attorney general of the country in New York tower in June during the election days of 2016 and he was told that lawyer might damage the information about Hillary Clinton which helps them to win the election.

Senate panel is investigating case very seriously because this is related to their national security, on Monday they met with National Intelligence Director James Clapper and now former Security advisor will spoke to intelligence panel this week.

Chief of staff of Obama’s staff, Denis McDonough will receive the call of interviewing from the panel who is investigating the case.

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