Published On: Sat, Jul 8th, 2017

Samsung Investment In South Korea: $18.6 Billion To Open Up The Lead In Chip

The officials of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Tuesday that company will make investment of $18.6 billion to expand its lead in memory chips as well as for new smart phones and it is said this plan will create the half a million jobs.


Samsung is known as the one of the fastest growing electronics companies, it is increasing its share day y day in markets. As it has introduced a lot of new electronics like TVs, new smart phones, tablets and many other consumer electronics which are durable at affordable prices.

according to an estimate it is the second company in the list of collecting revenues from all over the world.

It is great news for South Korean country that Samsung which is world famous company now will invest a huge amount of money, it will groom up the economy of the country which can leads it towards development and this investment will cause of jobs creation.

The electronics company has announced that it will make an investment of $18.6 billion in the country to expand its products in terms of increasing the lead in memory chips as well a new generation smart phones and according to a report Samsung is the third highest profit earning company in Asia; company annually invests $10 billion in chips routinely.

President Moon Jae-in said that government will make a huge investment domestically in order to decrease the unemployment rate, the company is facing severe condition and now Samsung introduce the plan of huge investment which will change the economically condition of country.

Samsung will make investment of $18.6 billion in the country which helps them to widen the lead in memory chips and next generation new smart phones and this will create the half a million jobs.

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