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Russian Politician Claims That North Korea Preparing For Long Range Missile Test

The Russian politician Anton Morozov claimed on Friday that North Korea is preparing for the long range missile test as he said on the basis of previous visit to Pyongyang and that missile could have range to reach the West coast of United States.


The member of international affairs committee of Russia said on Friday just after the coming back from Pyongyang that they are planning a new missile which has the long range than any other while Anton claimed.

That the long range missile can hit the United States west coast and he just returned after the visit of Pyongyang with other two Russian lawmakers.

The tensions have raised in recent weeks as the UN imposed new sanctions on them on the request of United States, US claimed that they can destroy completely the Pyongyang if they used the force.

There are many options for America to hit the North Korea as Donald Trump said and the clash between these two powerful countries are going to increase with the passage of time.

Donald Trump has said in United Nations general assembly that the whole North Korean region will be destroyed if America uses the force.

While on other hand in the repose the foreign minister of Pyongyang said that the talks of Trump are look like a sound of barking dog and they will increase their power even after the UN sanctions.

Russian lawmaker Morozov visited the North Korea with other two official members from 2 to 6 October, he said that Pyongyang understand them through calculations that how will be their new long range missile test.

How it can hit the US west coast while it is a tension raising news because again missile war talks will there between US and North Korea.

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