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Russian Involvement In 2016 Election: Hackers Targeted 21 US States During Campaign

Federal government said on Friday that Russian hackers are involved to disturb the 2016 election as they targeted the 21 states of US out of 50 while the attempt to hack the election was unsuccessful and intelligence thought that Russia influenced the 2016 campaign.


Department of Homeland Security of United states first time revealed the truth whether their states were targeted by hackers or not while now on Friday government officials.

Said that about 21 states of US were tried to hack by the Russian hackers during 2016 election campaign and they had become fail to achieve their goals.

According to the government officials that there were some hackers who wanted to hack the election but they failed while there is no confirmation came from the government.

That who is really behind these scenes or what were the purposes but election officials from three different states of United States said that Russia could involved in this case and they are investigating.

Government officials said that 21 out of 50 US states were targeted by the hackers during 2016 election campaign while from those states.

some of them are Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Intelligence investigators have crossed another line in the case of 2016 election campaign.

It is said by The Wisconsin Election Commission on Friday that cyber actors of Russian government are involved in these hacking attacks on US states while after 2016 result.

It is said that Russia helped the Donald Trump to win the election against Hillary Clinton but President denied the news.

The officials said on Friday that the target of the Russian cyber actors was to hack the scanning computer systems, voter registration systems and they failed to breach the systems in mostly cases.

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