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Russian Airstrike In Syria: Moscow Claims Of Killing The Minister Of War Of Islamic State

Moscow claimed that during Russian airstrike in Syria, many of the commanders of Islamic state group have killed on Friday in Deir Az Zor including their Minister of war who was also killed in that attack and at least 40 fighters have died.


A statement was posted on Friday on Facebook from the officials of the Russian government that many ISI fighter have died in that airstrike, while including the commander of Islamic state in Deir Az Zor.

The minister of war has also killed along other 40 fighters and this is the start of the downfall of the terrorist group as they have lost many of their leaders in Syria.

ISIS is considered as one of the most dangerous terrorist group in the world, they are self called Jihadist but they have killed a large number of innocent people.

That group got the world recognition in 2014 while now it is known as biggest enemy of peace and the group is also known as Daesh which is in Arabic language.

The Moscow officials released a statement that Russian air force made an airstrike on the areas of the Syria where a large number of ISIS group fighters were present.

As result of the strike, a communications centre, a command centre have destroyed while many leaders also killed by air force.

According to Russia officials that in the dead people, the commander Deir Az Zor emir Abu Mohammed al-Shimalin has also dead and he was considered as one of the most influential leader in ISIS operations while minister of war of armed group, Gulmurod Khalimov got the serious injuries.

In dead people, 40 ISIS fighters are included, a bunker of the group where main leaders of their were in a meeting, have dead in Friday airstrike.

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