Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Rohingya Muslims Called The Security Threats By The Indian Government

Indian Government told to supreme high court that some of the Rohingya Muslims are not good for the country as they are threats for their people and they have denied to keeping them in the country as government spoke to court on Monday.


According to the government of the India that there are some extremists in the groups of the Rohingya Muslims who came from Burma while till now they are settled in different cities of Hindustan, Mumbai called them threats for the peace of the country and according to them, government has evidence that they are not good for country.

Rohingya Muslims are known as most destructed people as they faced extreme types of treatment from the Burma government as thousand of the Muslim people have been killed by the military.

They are killing, burying alive inside the piece of earth but the whole world is silent till now and no one is want to take serious steps against the brutality of Burma.

The children, women as well as the men of the Muslim groups are moving from the Burma as they are getting shots from the government military, thousand of the Muslims have fled up from there and in a huge number of people have been killed by the brutal army.

Bangladesh and India are the two countries who are very close to Burma because they are linked with borders, thousands of the Muslims are now living in Bangladesh to save their lives while hundreds of them have gone to India but now they are feeling alone in that countries because governments are ignoring them.

Now Indian Government has told to court that they cannot keep anymore Rohingya Muslims because many of them are extremists who are against the peace of country and they have evidences about them.

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