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Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes Increased By Eating Red Meat Due To High Iron Content

Research says that risk of type 2 diabetes can be increased up to 23% due to use of large quantity of red meat whereas it is found that eating poultry can increase the risk of diabetes by 15 percent which is extremely dangerous for health.


The poor diet or the meat with more iron can be cause of dangerous for the human health as it is found by the scientists.

Now a days, diabetes is increasing in the world with high speed while there are no specific medicine for to vanish it and the more reasons have been found by the experts which increase the risks of this dangerous disease.

Diabetes is known as one of the most dangerous disease for the health of humans, it prefers to high blood sugar which can kill a man, this disease is considered as metabolic disorders.

There are many reasons of this life taken disease, it has many types, while some symptoms are there for high sugar blood pressure like frequent urination, more hunger feeling, increase in thirst and many more.

According to experts, all types of meats didn’t affect the diabetes rate equally as they have different share in order to increase the risk.

As it is found in 2015 report that over 415 million people had suffered with diabetes worldwide and many of them have lost their lives due to this disease.

It is found that red meat put its most share in order to increase in type 2 diabetes as up to 23 percent while according to health department that poultry could increase the risk about 15%.

This disease can increase due to improper diet while plat based foods are the best for human health and type 2 diabetes risk raises due to high iron content in meat.

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