Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

Rape Of 17-Year-Old Girl In Pakistan By The Order Of Village Elders As Her Brother Punishment

The village elders ordered for a rape of 17 year old teenage girl in Muzaffarabad, Multan whose brother was accused of rapping a 12 year girl few days ago and 17 year girl raped on 26 July as a replacement of the punishment of her brother.


17 year old teenage girl is raped by the people of Multan in Pakistan, she was punished as her brother committed a rape of 12 year old girl some days ago, as the orders are given by elders of the village and about twenty people have been arrested by the police who are involved in this case.

Muzaffarabad is town near Multan on Muzaffargarh Multan road, the town famous for Colony Textile Mill, one of the largest textile mills of Pakistan, on earlier days in this town a horrible seen came to existence that is related about the rape of two girls.

Pakistan is a country which has some towns which are backward due to absence of education system in there, as ignorance behavior showed by the villagers of Multan city and under the shadow of the village elders a girl was raped by men.

The first girl was raped by a man when she was in the field, she was cutting the grass as reported the victim’s mother to police and the man who committed this crime, his sister was also raped as ordered given by Village elders.

When 12 year old girl raped by man, the elders of the village announced that the men of the girl family will also rape that rapist sister.

The two younger sisters were brought in front of them but they selected the 17 year old girl who was raped in Muzaffarabad on 26 July and police has arrested the 20 people who are involved in this crime.

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