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Posted By Fox News Point On Thursday, April 28th, 2016 With 0 Comments responsible in all ways for the privacy of the users because user’s personal information is very important for us we never sell the information to third party and never compromise users information which is gathered by when visitor visit our website it can be categorized in different ways such as:

Direct information:
Information collected by the users which they provide through commenting section, posting documents and through contact with us for various purposes this is website users direct information shown by the visitors.

Indirect information:
Indirect information automatically extracted when the users use or visit our website which admit the visitor’s information, behavior and other lot of things. Our website control members really worried about personal information of users therefore it is been clearly asked that information collected admit only IP address and prototype to respond in efficient and effective way in  near future.

How/what we collect information
One important thing is that our website only collect or gathered information through directly or indirectly means which is discusses clearly at top so if some users want to endorsement us by using their public profile by commenting or joining us through social media then one thing should be cleared that just IP address include indirect information does not include any personal information but prototype to respond in effective way in future so there is no use of illegal way.

Our website server collect only name and IP address of visitors which is provided by the users this information remain save for the good and better response in the future when same users used our website again.

Information Security
All the visitors information safe and secured in our website but we does not 100% due to internet means that nothing truly saved in the world of internet but our team try to provide maximum security about users personal information this is actually aim of our website but we are not granted due to internet.

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