Published On: Sun, Jul 9th, 2017

Pakistan Shoots Down Iran’s ‘Spy’ Drone In Balochistan

Pakistan confirmed the news that they shoot down the Iranian drone when it found in the Panjgur area of Balochistan and PAF accepted the responsibility to shoot the drone when it was flying inside its territory.


According to news it is confirmed that Iranian drone was flying inside the Pakistan, Iran violated the rules, so Pakistan Air force destroy the drone Wednesday when it was seen at around 3-4 kilometers inside Pakistani territory along the PAK-Iran border.

The foreign officer has said that the drone was unidentified, the shoot incident report was sent to the Iranian authorities, Pakistan defense ministry sent the information that it was unmarked and Pakistan had no information about the flight of drone, so PAF struck down it.

Pakistan is a country who has one of the strongest defense systems in the world, it has the name in the list of most powerful countries; the country is facing a lot of problems now days like terrorist attacks and Indian clash on the border, so by seeing situation PAF struck down the drone.

The officials of security forces has announced on the situation of anonymity that Pakistan air force shoot down the drone by the JF-17 Thunder when it was flying inside the Pakistan’s area along the Pak-Iran border which had ventured allegedly on a spying mission inside Pakistani territory.

Iran is known as one of the most powerful country, it has many historical places, Iran and Pakistan has many clashes due to different reasons, as one can see from the history that Iran was against the Pakistan very badly when Islamabad agrees to defend the Saudi Arabia against the Tehran.

Iranian drone was found on Wednesday inside the territory of Pakistan, it was unmarked and security forces had no prior information about it, so Pakistan security forces shoot down the drone.

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