Published On: Sun, Sep 24th, 2017

Over UN Sanctions, China Follows The Limit Of Exports On Refined Oil To North Korea

After UN sanctions, Beijing announced on Saturday that China will impose the limits on exports of oil products to North Korea as well as on imports of textile products and close ally of Pyongyang is following the United Nations decision.


It is said by the Ministry of Finance of China that the country would ban the imports from North Korea of their textile products.

close ally of the Pyongyang is going to impose serious sanctions over them in order to following of the decision of UN and it is stated on the Chinese site that government will ban the exports of the refined oil products as well as the natural gas from October 1, 2017.

After the six most powerful missile test by North Korea in recent days, the situation has gone to more worse, it is said that that test was of Hydrogen bomb which is more powerful than bomb.

Which was thrown on Hiroshima by US and United Nations in this week has imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang while the country has refused to agree with these rudeness and baseless sanctions on them.

United Nations Security Council has announced in recent days about sanctions on North Korea while it was said by the US president that these were not tough as Pyongyang must have.

On Thursday Donald Trump said in UN speech that North Korea will be destroyed by the American hands if they continued their missile program.

China has announced on Saturday that country would ban the imports of the Textile products from North Korea which is a big source for Pyongyang of international revenue.

It is also said by Finance minister on their site that Beijing will cut down the oil products and the country will impose the limits on exports of refined oil products as well as liquefied natural gas.

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