Published On: Wed, Apr 5th, 2017

Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Irritation From Ill-Fitting Dentures May Lead To Cancer

The moth April is celebrated for oral cancer awareness, every year many persons die due to oral cancer and this type of cancer can be due to ill fitting dentures which is a big cause of oral cause now a days.


Oral cancer is very dangerous, it may leads to death, it has different types like mouth, tongue, lips cancer, floor of mouth and throat cancer and it may be dangerous for life if it is not diagnosis in early stages.

April is known as the month of Oral cancer awareness day and on this day in every country many foundations try to tell the people about its causes and how one’s can be saved from this dangerous decease.

There are many causes of oral cancer like Tobacco which is leading cause; cigarette, or chewing tobacco, alcohol is another main cause, genetics problem, and cancer due to ultraviolet radiations some times, some time mouth conditions can be caused of cancer like Leukoplakia and many others causes exist in the world of Oral cancer.

Mouth conditions can be destroyed through ill fitting dentures during the treatment which is a big cause of Oral cancer and if it is not diagnosed in early days then it can be harmful for life, 60 % people can live after early diagnosed for 5 years and many others who are not be checked they die.

According to report that one person in every day is dying due to Oral cancer and in India it is reported that about 1,00,000 oral cancer’s new cases are detected and approximately every year about 50,000 people are dying due to oral cancer in India.

April 3 is a day on which it is educated the people that how can be prevented from Oral cancer and in what ways one’s can keep their love one’s from this killing decease.

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