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On Sexual Harassment Reports, Director Harvey Weinstein Fired From Company

After sexual harassment allegations on the film producer Harvey, The Weinstein Company film studio’s directors have fired the co founder of company on Sunday as he was blamed of harassing about eight women.


In recent days, the New York Times reported that Harvey Weinstein is involved in the harassing the eight women, the directors of the company Robert Weinstein, Lance Maerov, Richard Koenigsberg and Tarak Ben Ammar announced on Sunday that he has fired from the company on the allegations of sexual harassment and he is no more employee of the film studio.

Harvey Weinstein is known as American co founder of company The Weinstein film studio, he is also a producer, from a long time he has been accused of sexual harassment with several women while now on the reports of New York Times.

The board of directors of his company Weinstein film studio has fired him on October 8, 2017 due to the sexual allegations.

A report about his sexual harassment cases, on Thursday a report published which describe his misconduct behaviors with women.

In the report the name of actress Ashley Judd has added as she was requested for sex favors by the Weinstein and reports say that she faced the misconducts from producer in his hotel room.

According to one of the company’s board of directors, Lance Maerov told the news that Harvey has broken some code of conducts of company while he has fired from the company and the after his termination the company is in the hand s of his brother.

It is reported that along with other many women, Harvey misconduct with the company’s female employees, in response on Thursday Harvey said that he apologizes for all mistakes that he has done with his colleagues and now he is no more employee of company.

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