Published On: Sun, Jul 9th, 2017

Obama Warned Russian President That CIA Knew About His Helping In 2016 Election

Washington reported that the ex-president of United States of America Obama has warned directly to Russian President Putin that CIA knew about their helping to Trump in 2016 August election.


America is a country which is known as world’s most powerful country, it has many clashes from a long time with Russia due to different thoughts, many of times both of the countries were near the war situation and it is saying that Russia helped the Donald Trump to win the 2016 election.

Democrat Hillary Clinton was against the Republican Donald Trump in 2016 election, it was saying before the election that this lady will win the election.

There were a few chances of the winning of Trump but as election same, Trump received the victory and now it is saying that he got the help of Russia.

After Trump’s victory, a new chartered is opened in the America, now the ex president Obama directly warned the Russian president Putin that American intelligence agency CIA knew everything about helps during election campaign of 2016 and he will be in the court of judgment as soon as possible.

Obama’s statement was very shocking for the Trump’s administration and Russian government, it created a new space for discussion, and FBI is now dealing with the Russian-Trump case in a deep way to know the real sense of case.

Current American President Donald Trump fired the FBI director Flynn a few weeks ago; it was saying that he is the man who also helped the Trump to win the election because he gave the nation wrong information about the Clinton that he misuses his private mails.

A new space is opened by the statement of Obama, as he said that CIA knew about Russian’s helping in August 2016 Election; reported by the Washington News.

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