Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

North Korea Warned By South Korea To Drop The Blackout Bombs To Paralyses The Electrical Power

In response of North Korean nuclear war behavior, South Korea threatened the Pyongyang for to launch the blackout bomb which will completely paralyse the country and the country’s electric grid will shut down in results of dropping bomb.


Nuclear war is in talks between North Korea and South as both countries are increasing the tensions in the region.

South Korea now warned the Pyongyang that they will deploy the graphite bomb which will convert the North Korea into darkness and the Kim’s government will face the defeat without any shot, if the blackout bomb deploys.

UN has imposed sanctions over North Korea in general assembly conference in recent days as Pyongyang is increasing their missiles power in a speedy way which is the reason of increasing tensions in the region, sanctions on textile imports and on fuel have imposed on them by the United Nations Security Council.

A shocking statement issued by the South Korean government to change the North Korea into dark region has came, the sources confirmed that the country has achieved the technology from which they are able to prepare the graphite bomb and without any shot.

South Korea can shut down the whole electric power of Pyongyang and they will face the defeat because without power they will no more able to survive for a long time.

It is reported by the South Korean news agency that the country will deploy their new advanced blackout bombs in response of nuclear war over North Korea and these bomb will throw the carbon graphite filaments on their grid stations which cut off the power of whole country.

The situation is going to worse as the one of the most powerful countries are talking about nuclear war, this has increased tensions and now South Korea threatened for dropping the graphite bomb over Pyongyang.

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