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North Korea News; US B-1 Lancer Fly Over Korean Peninsula In Response To North Korea

America showed his power in response of North Korean Intercontinental ballistic missile test few, US B-1 Lancer bombers flew over the Peninsula of South Korea and this is the second time that America showed its power in East Asia.


US is known as most powerful country in the world, it is a developed country with most powerful nuclear system, Many of times United States of America has told to world they are the leaders of them, they have a strong economy and has Donald Trump is the president of America.

According to news that US bombers fly over the Peninsula which is a one of the biggest city of North Korea, it is saying that through this fly America gave the threat to them that they can strike on them at any cost at any time because they are most powerful and now they must close their development in nuclear system.

Whole world knows about the clash of North Korea and America, both are sink in the drugs of power, America has said that they are the leaders.

They cannot allow the North Korea to construct a better nuclear system but on the other hands North Korea has said that if America does a attack on them then there will be nuclear warhead.

North Korea is a Asian country which is growing still now, they have one of the most strongest nuclear missiles system, they are making new missiles by passing the days and it is increasing the threat as well as tensions in the minds of other countries.

A few days ago North Korea made a test of new Intercontinental ballistic missile, it is said that it can hit the Alaska state of US, Donald Trump said in a statement that they will use force against them if they did’ t stop the work and now US bombers fly over the North Korean Peninsula.

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