Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

North Korea May Face Serious Sanctions From US While South Korea Deploys Anti-Missile System

US is planning to request the UN for putting the serious sanctions on North Korea like Oil embargo, ban on the exports of textile products as well as on other things and now South Korea has deployed the anti missile system near dispute area of the boarder.


It is requested from the U.N. Security Council to freeze the all the assets of North Korean president as well as to put the serious sanctions on the country.

The tension raised after the sixth test of the ballistic missile from North Korea on Sunday and it is thought that this test was the most powerful ever held by the Pyongyang.

The tensions are raising with the passage of days as North Korea has increased their development in missiles system.

According to a report that the country has made a successful test of hydrogen bomb in recent days which is most dangerous for the region and US is now taking the serious actions against them.

Early on Thursday four anti missiles system which is known as US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense has deployed near the disputed border of South Korea as the sanctions is going to put on the North Korea and it is hope that may Pyongyang will fire the missiles after deploying sanctions on them by UN.

After the news of deployment of anti missile defense system, there were a huge number of people on the road against the decision while in a clash with South Korean police, dozens of people have injured during deployment of THAAD system.

South Korea is going to prepare itself for the war as it has deployed the THAAD system while China has serious objections on the anti missile’s deployment and US wants from UN Security Council to put serious sanctions on North Korea.

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