Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

New Russia Sanctions Bill Is Going To Sign By President Donald Trump, White House Says

White House said on Friday that American President Donald Trump is planning to impose new punitive sanctions on Russia over election meddling on Russia and definitely it will end the hopes for the fresh start with Moscow.


It is the news that if Donald Trump applies this legislation on Russian then maybe he will face the embarrassment of congress due to his voting on the approval of this bill and this statement came after the very action of Moscow that they will kick out the many US diplomatic from their country.

America is known as most powerful country in the world, every times US wanted to take over on other countries with its extraordinary military as well as economic powers, it is a developed country which has a strong nuclear power system and America has many clashes with some countries like most noticeable clash with North Korea and Russia.

Russia is a nuclear power, this country is known as one of the most powerful nations in the world, it is a developed country, once a time it fought a cold war with United States of America and now these two countries are going towards bad situations.

According to White House officials, the bill was sent to Donald Trump Administration, after reading the bill deeply, President will see the situation and conditions of the Bills about Russian Sanction that will impose and after consideration Donald Trump will decide about his vote.

The Sanction bill was passed by Congress on Thursday, in the response of this bill the Russian president Vladimir Putin showed the signs of lost of patience.

So they have ordered to kick out many US diplomatic persons from their country and this will tend to increase the tensions as well as this lead to increase the differences among relationship between the two nuclear-armed powers.

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