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Mexico Earthquake: Massive Quake Collapse The Buildings As More Than 200 Dead

At least 248 have dead as massive earthquake hit the central Mexico on Tuesday, dozens of buildings have collapsed, this is the biggest quake after 32 years and according to officials the magnitude of the earthquake 7.1.


The earthquake hit the capital of Mexico on Tuesday while according to the President Enrique Peña Nieto that more than 44 buildings including, schools, homes with others have collapsed while hundreds of people have dead and it is said that it is the deadliest earthquake after the 195 hit which was more dangerous than it.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey that the magnitude of the massive earthquake was 7.1 while it hit the capital at about 2p.m.

First it was said that 248 have dead but now it is cleared stated that till now 217 residents have lost their lives and the difference between these reports is due to immediately reactions.

Mayor of Mexico City Miguel Angel Mancera stated that buildings have collapsed due to high magnitude quake.

While it is said that at 44 places in the city buildings have fallen nearly to destroy and many of the people are buried under the buildings while rescue teams are trying to save the lives.

Many hospitals have damaged while management are trying to save the existing patients in the building, emergency situation has on as hundreds of people have died while a large number of residents are injured which have transferred to safe hospitals.

The federal Education Department said that more than 25 dead children have recovered in a destroyed building of school.

The country is under natural disaster as hundreds of people have died while a huge number of country’s residents are injured and according to president, the capital Mexico have lost many important persons.

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