Published On: Thu, Sep 21st, 2017

Mexico City Buildings Collapse: Girl Trapped Under Rubble As Rescue Teams Try To Reach

In results of buildings collapsed in Mexico capital due to massive earthquake on Wednesday, a 12 year teen girl trapped under the destructive elementary school buildings while rescue teams are trying to save the girl and at least 230 people have dead.


The capital city is under threat as massive earthquake has destroyed the many buildings in different areas of the Mexico.

Television media broadcasted a video through which it can be seen that a small girl has trapped under the rubble as she was shaking her hands from the collapsed school building and rescue teams are trying to save her.

On Tuesday night, a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.1 hit the Mexico city as measured by US geological department.

Due to that dozens of buildings across of the capital has collapsed while according to health department reports that at least 230 have dead and hundreds are injured while some of them are in serious condition.

According to health department of Mexico that about 30 children have dead due to collapsed buildings.

It is confirmed that from the rubble of destroyed school buildings many dead children have found while a hospital has cracked and patients had evacuated from the place.

The emergency situation has alarmed in the capital city, hundreds of people have dead while according to the government this earthquake is most powerful in recent 30 years.

A country had received quake of magnitude 7 in 1985 and now Mexico faced with 7.1 magnitude natural disaster on Tuesday night.

The rescue teams are fighting against the clock as a 12 year girl has trapped under the rubble of elementary school building in Mexico, they are trying to save her by erecting wooden as well as stones in the path and the name of that girl is not issued publically.

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