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Las Vegas Shooting: Gunman Used Modified Weapons As Caught In Cameras

Investigators reported that retired accountant opened fire with a plan while he used the advance modified weapons in the shooting and according to reports his girlfriend has reached at Los Angeles International Airport.


On late Tuesday night authorities said that the weapons became more destructive when the retired accountant Stephen Paddock used the lethal components in them, he used the automatic rifles which is the cause of most deaths and according to health department hundreds of people are injured while some of them are in serious condition.

Stephen was a retired accountant officer, he was planning from many days of killing the people, according to Firearms Special Agent in Charge Jill Schneider that he was equipped with almost 50 types of destructive weapons.

Which he used to kill the people at Las Vegas concert and investigation says that he set the three weapons in three different locations in the hotel.

According to FBI reports that he used the different automatic heavy riffles along combinations of pistols as well as other lethal modified weapons, he booked a room in the hotel.

When there was a huge crowd of about 22,000 approximately he started to shoot and more than 59 have dead while it is considered as deadliest gun-attack ever occurred in United States.

The investigation team is still unable to find out the motive behind this shooting while he committed suicide with his own pistol when police tried to catch him, health department stated that hundreds of people are injured as some of them re in serious condition.

His girlfriend arrived at Las Vegas while she met with investigation team for questioning, tinny cameras around the hotel show that Stephen used the modified weapons and motive of him behind this killing is still unknown.

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