Published On: Sun, Jul 9th, 2017

Landslide Destroys The Village In China And More Than 140 Buried

Landslide has buried the at least 141 people in southeastern of china, landslide destroyed the village in the province of Sichuan of China which is due to heavy rain; said by the media.


Landslide buried the people early in the morning, as said by the media that landslide hit the village at 6.a.m which has buried approximately forty six houses in the village of Xinmo, it is a badly sad incident which has buried a huge number of people in the early morning of Saturday.

China is known as one of the most peaceful countries in the world, it has a great economic power, people of the country are united.

whenever they faced any difficulties, they fight like a team and now China’s village faced a landslide incident which has took the many lives and this incident again united the people of country.

According to a local official of the government that when he went in the village, he saw only one house who is standing there, all the houses were buried by the landslide.

according to official officer he went there about 6 a.m and there one house who was visible; he told the Sichuan Daily newspaper.

After the incident, the security teams and rescue teams arrived there, they has started their work, people are buried under the water and houses.

They are in search of people, rescue teams are trying to help them by taking them out and according to officials that three people have survived which are transferred to hospital; in these survivors, a couple and three month old baby are included.

A man of nearby village Zhang Liancheng told to local newspaper Huaxi Metropolis Daily that her eight family members are buried under this landslide, he saw heavy rain and houses were shaking which has took everything.

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