Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

Kabul Attack: Car Explosion Kills Dozens Of People In Afghan Capital

A suicide bomb was hidden in a sewage truck, has killed at least 80 people while on the other hand more than three hundred people are injured and the bomb blast came to place in Afghanistan’s capital early Wednesday.


On Wednesday, when there was great rush on the roads in Afghan Capital in Kabul, a powerful explosion occurred at that time.

According to officials at least eight people has dead while more than three hundred are injured and Petroleum was in the area at the time of the attack which is the cause of more damage.

Kabul is known as the capital of Afghanistan as well as its largest city, it is located in the eastern side of the country, after the coming back of large number of refugees from neighboring countries, especially from Pakistan.

Its population has become more about to six million and it is known as fifth fastest-growing city in the world.

The authorities has issued an emergency notice to hospitals as well as to rescue teams, the city is under threat as it faced a huge powerful bomb blast which has killed about 80 people and according to an estimate more than three hundred people are injured.

According to officials a bus carrying employees of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum was in the area at the time of the attack when the blast occurred and this petroleum cause to more damage and after attack some raised form the area.

The screens of windows are shattered of restaurants, hotels as well homes, the area is under the control of Afghan security forces now, they are searching the area for any clue or more damage things and A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid has claimed the responsibility for the explosion in Afghan’s capital Kabul.

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