Published On: Fri, Oct 13th, 2017

Jolene Blalock Net Worth; How Much Is Jolene Blalock Net Worth Right Now?

Jolene Blalock Net worth in 2018: $20 Million

Jolene Blalock is an American model, media personality and actress; she is well known for her role on the UPN science-fiction series Star Trek: Enterprise as a first officer and now her total net worth according to different estimates is $20 million.


The American actress Jolene Blalock was born in San Diego, California on March 5, 1975; she has started her career when she was a child, Jolene was well good in artists skills in that age.

while as she said about her childhood that she didn’t get good time because she was very alone and she said that during schooling days she had no friends but now the whole world is familiar with her due to her special acting skills.

The beautiful model has left the home when she was only 17 years old because to pursue her career as a model, later she appeared on many magazines’ cover pages.

in 2003 she was ranked as 10th sexiest woman in the world and later after capturing attention by her beautiful moves, she managed to get lead roles.

Before entering in film industry, she appeared as a guest in different TV shows like her debut drama was Veronica’s Closet while later she was starred as a guest on several shows and later she stepped into film industry as she was a dream to enter in.

She was starred in Star Trek: Enterprise which was on the screen from 2001 to 2005, her dream has come to true as she described.

This was the time that the actress got the world the fame as one of the best actresses in industry and this was the biggest turning point for her career.

Blalock has appeared on several movies through which she managed to earn a good fortune and now estimates show that her total net worth is $20 million.

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