Published On: Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Will Discuss The North Korea At Economic Forum

The situation is going worse due to clashes of North Korea with other countries and Japanese Prime Minister has said that he will meet with the South Korean and Russian PM to find out the solution at the economic forum.


With the passage of days, the situation is going towards the war as the North Korea is speeding up the development of missiles system, after the fly of the ballistic missile over Japan in recent days.

Tokyo has increased the amount for budget to prepare the country for war situation and now PM Abe has said that he will discuss the North Korea at economic forum with other country’s leaders.

Prime Minister of Japan Abe shows that the country is in serious mood to solve the problems as he will raise the key problems at the economic forum and according to him, through the help of other countries, he will try to seek the way that how North Korea can change its strategy.

Abe spoke to reporters before going to the conference on Wednesday at Vladivostok, Russia where he will meet with other leaders.

It is reported that the PM has a time on Thursday in the schedule with Russian President Vladimir Putin and South Korean President Moon Jae-in after the economic forum conference.

North Korea has warned earlier its enemy countries that they will launch the ballistic missiles on their targets as they have tested a hydrogen bomb in last days which has increased the tensions in the region and now the world is focusing eyes to find out the solution.

PM Abe will meet with the leaders to discuss about the U.N. sanctions over North Korea and he said that if North Korea will show the same behavior then Pyongyang will have no future.

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