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Japan Flood: Heavy Rain Killed 6 And Dozens Of Missed

Dozens of people are missed due to flood in Japan, heavy rain is the cause of such a destructive flood which has destroyed the schools, houses and it has killed about six people while about 2 are missed.


Japan is located in Pacific ocean, it is a is a sovereign island nation in East Asia, it is a country which has one of the most powerful economy, Japan is a developed country which has more strongest technology in terms of electronics, Tokyo is the capital of the nation and Japan is a country which has highest life expectancy.

According to Kyodo news agency that Japan is under the critical situation, heavy rain destroyed many buildings; due to rain, rivers are on its peak limit, water is going to break the banks which is a serious problem for the residents and island Kyushu is under threat.

The southernmost four islands of Japan is facing more troubles as there were more risk of destruction due to heavy flood, government announced to ran away from that places as soldiers as well as rescue forces are reaching their for the help of people and now according to news more than 20 are missing.

Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso has said that country is in serious situation because hills are collapsing, many of people are missing and according to ministry of weather that More than 50 centimeters rain fell in the country which is the cause of heavy flood.

Officials has said that four persons have died in the Asakura in Fukuoka prefecture while other two people have lost their life in Hita in Oita prefecture, roads were damaged, houses and schools have destroyed.

Japan has announced that Government is deploying 7,800 police and rescue officers along soldiers in the affected area for to save the people.

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