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Italian Sea: 26 Teenage Women Were Found Dead As Officials Wonder About The Situation

A shocking incident took place in Italy as 26 women were found dead from the Mediterranean Sea but the reason behind their deaths is unknown and officials are wondered about the case that why the only women have found to be dead in the sea.


According to the Lorena Ciccotti, who is the police chief of Salerno in the southern Italian port city that all the dead bodies are of the female but the reasons of their murder are still unknown.

The investigation is team has started their work and they will see that either they faced any torture or they had been sexually assaulted by someone.

The initial investigations say that all the women who are found dead in the sea, they were migrating from Libya to Europe while it is a dream of many people from Libya to move to Europe because there they can get good life and many opportunities to make their life better as well as they can survive in best way.

The report shows that all the dead women are Nigerian who ranged from 14 to 18 while during dangerous migration journey they have lost their lives but still no reasons of their death are showed to media by the officials and still it is a behind the scene about the incident and why this took to place.

This year during journey through this sea more than 58 percent people have dead due to drowning in the water while the all bodies are found in the Spanish vessel which is thought to be the lowest plastic bags place and bodies are found on Sunday.

France news reported that 23 women were found dead in rubber dinghy onto a port in Salerno and it is investigating that might they were killed for some reasons.

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