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Irregular Heart Rhythm Risk Increases By Spending A Lot Of Hours In Office

It is found by scientists that spending a lot of hours in office can increase the risks of heart stroke or heart failure, as researchers said that spending more than 55 hours in a week leads to this problem which is known as atrial fibrillation.


Spending or working a lot of hours in office work can be worst for health, it is the cause of poor health as researcher has found that more than 55 hours spending in work can lead towards bad health as heart stroke and heart failure can be there due to increase in tensions as well as work pressures.

Atrial fibrillation came to into existence due to irregular heartbeat which can be cause of blood clots, heart failure or stroke that can lead to increase in death risks; it is one of the most dangerous decease which is taking lives of hundreds of people every year.

According to a US report, it is said that 2.7 million Americans are facing the Atrial fibrillation which is called as AFib.

The research said that the people who work more than 55 hours have this decease which is the cause of their poor health as compare to those people who work 35-40 hours in office and about approximately 40% are involved with atrial fibrillation.

The people with these older age, male sex, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight, smoking and physical inactivity have gotten a horrible news with the research result that with these problems the risk of heart failure, cancer or stroke increases, according to Mika Kivimaki, Professor at the University College London.

According to professor AFib is helpful in the development of heart failure or other heart related complications like stroke which leads to poor health and this is affected by working 55 hours or more than this in offices.

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