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Iphone 8 Leaks: Release Date, Specs And Price Confirm New 25 Features

Apple is designing a set which will create a history in mobile markets, man rumors about iphone 8 is there about its launch, design and prices but now a number of leaked features has confirmed by the company.


Apple is American multinational technology company which is known as most famous brand in world; it is a company who designs, manufacture, sells consumer electronics, computer software’s and many more, company is founded by the Steve Jobs about 41 years ago.

According to 2016 report, the company has collected the revenue of $215 billion and it is most popular brand.

Iphone is a mobile series of Apple company, this mobile series is known as most valuable in the world, every person wants to purchase it because it offers exceptional features.

As well as fabulous specifications, company has given till now 7 mobile in Iphone series normally which are highly admirable and now company is thinking about the launch of Iphone 8.

Many rumors are there for the specifications, features and release date of iPhone 8, now a number of features are leaked from the company which are looking like unique in the market of mobile phones, and these featured has been confirmed by the officials.

The new upcoming Smartphone is called by the officials as iPhone X but still it is not confirmed that this is its second name or code name.

new phone will have dual camera but with vertical alignment, Facial Detection and a Retina Scanner will be included in new model and the display will touch the outside edges.

The other features are; Ram will be 3GB same as in iPhone 7 plus, the body of phone which was of aluminum is replaced by the composite glass, rear panel for wireless charging and this iPhone 8 will have the water resistance ability.

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