Published On: Sun, Apr 9th, 2017

Hyundai To Launch 2017 Xcent On April 20, May Get Bigger Diesel Engine

The Hyundai Company is planning to launch Xcent 2017, it is hoped that it has a big diesel engine and the shape of this new amazing car is like Grand i10, it will be available in market on April 20.


Hyundai is a South Korean automotive multinational company which is mostly preferred by the customers, it is fifth largest company in the world in the field of providing best vehicles and it has become a brand now which is the wished of every one to purchase.

Hyundai is now ready to launch its new car who will hit the market, it is hoped that this will move in whole India, it will launch in India on 20 April, the customers of Hyundai is waiting now for the launch date.

The new Xcent is made of two old but graceful and fabulous cars, one is Grand i10 which is small but one of the best cars of this multinational company and other is Sedan old car , whole world is waiting for this brand new car.

The most amazing car has many outstanding features like diesel power engine which can speed up the car within 18.6 seconds to 0-100 Kmph that is a big achievement by the company, the engine is 1120 cc with the diesel average of 18- 24 kilometer, outstanding performance of the car which is a big cause of the attraction for the public towards it.

The stylish car has different features like the top speed of the car is 156 KM/speed, it has 3 cylinders which make it more valuable, gear speed is 5, and the amazing car with beautiful shape has tubeless tires.

Hyundai Xcent will launch on 20 April with amazing features, the company is ready to steal the market because Hyundai is now a name of brand and it is introducing one of the best cars with outstanding qualities.

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