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Hurricane Maria Devastates Caribbean Island As Dominica Prime Minister Reported

The prime minister of Dominica told that last night on Monday Hurricane Maria has destroyed the Caribbean islands as it struck with high speed winds more than 160 mph and this Atlantic storm is named as category 5 Hurricane.


The powerful storm hit the Dominica Island of Caribbean on Friday night, according to the latest news more of its properties have destroyed as storm came with high speed winds.

Which is the cause of massive destruction and president said that they have lost all the things in their place as Category 5 storm Maria hit the island.

According to National Hurricane centre of US said that this storm is one of the most dangerous Hurricanes, last night about 9 p.m.

it hit the Caribbean island which results in devastation of all the properties and about 72,000 people are living there while now it is difficult to judge that how much destruction took place on the island in results of Hurricane Maria striking with high speed winds.

The warnings have announced by the Forecasters that some of the islands may be completely damaged as results of Maria striking which is strongest Hurricane, ever US faced in history.

Some areas of the country could be unable to live for humans and some of the islands are Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In last days, Caribbean Island Hurricane Irma with powerful winds, hit the Barbuda Island due to which the area has completely destroyed about 95 percent, many people have affected while till US under threat as Hurricane Maria is on its way towards other islands.

Dominican prime Minister said on Facebook on Monday Night that the roof has gone as high speed winds hit the house, now he is facing the storm and due to Hurricane Maria most of area has destroyed.

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