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Hurricane Irma: At Least Seven Dead As Massive Storm Strikes Caribbean Islands

The most destructive storm ever in history came in the state of British as more of the Barbuda Island has destroyed, at least seven people have dead while many are injured and the high powered wind has left the devastation in the island on Wednesday.


The Caribbean state faced with the most dangerous Atlanta storm on Wednesday which has destroyed all the buildings of the Island Puerto Rico as it left the devastation in many small islands in the country.

According to reports dozens are injured while 95 percent of the Island has destroyed and at least more than seven people have lost their lives.

Island Barbuda was also known as one of the most beautiful places in the state as before the storm man British tourists have gone from there after hearing the news of coming massive storm while this island has total population about 1800 and it is a small island but rich in nature.

According to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson of UK that the government is taking the serous steps to face the heavy storm that has destroyed all of the territory of the country.

They will take the strict action against it while all the rescue teams as well as security officers have reached in the devastated area.

British residents have evacuated from the destructive place as they received the orders, the emergency state department has issued the warning to islands Puerto Rico, Cuba and Florida while according to officials that Miami may will face the most dangerous storm ever came in the country.

A naval ship of British government is on its way to help the people of the affected area as it has 40 Royal Marines while it is said that about 23 people are injured and at least seven have died.

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