Published On: Sat, Jul 15th, 2017

Honolulu Incident: Three People Died In High Rise Fire In Apartment Tower

Honolulu high-rise condominium building on Friday faced a fire in upper floors of the tower, smoke with fire were coming out from the building due to which three people has died and 12 are injured as Mayor said.


Honolulu is known as one of the most popular cities of State Hawaii which is a state belongs to United States of America, it is the capital as well as largest city of the State, the city is situated on the island of Oahu.

It has a lot of importance for the State because it is main point fir international business, military defense, Kirk is the mayor of this city and it is ranked as most remote city of its size in the world.

On Friday in a high rise tower in the state, the upper floors of the tower is affected by large fire which were billowing out from the buildings, people were in danger, according to officials the tower has no facility for sprinklers which could be used in a emergency situation and tower is on fire.

According to initial reports that fire broke out around 2:15 p.m on 26th floor but later due to absence of sprinkles fire caught the other floors as it moved towards 28th floor of the Marco Polo residences and till now three people has dead on the 26 floor.

The management has said that this high tower was came to existence in 1971 when there was no requirement for sprinkles in the building and it has total 36 floors where on Friday fire has taken the lives of three people still now.

Fire Chief Manuel Neves said that the firefighters are struggling to save the people and they are going door to door to search out remaining people in the building.

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