Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

Heartburn Drugs Finds To Increase The Risk Of Early Death

Large studies found that heartburn drugs that are taken by millions of people in the world increase the risk of early death because these create a number of health problems which are cause of death.


There are number of drugs which create a many health problems which are dangerous for a human like kidney damage, liver failure, many and many others; millions of people take them for some kind of mind rest but it creates a lot of problems for them later.

A drug is a quantity which provides some type of nutrition support other than food, it can be injected, smoked, smelled or in any other form; in medical sense it is named as some kind of chemical substance which is used for some cure, for a disease or to promote well being.

Use of drugs create physiological change in the body which can be beneficial or it can be against the welfare of human because it depends on the condition and commodity quantity.

Proton-pump inhibitors are the kind of drugs which are using millions of people in all over the world in a huge quantity, when people use this type of drugs, it is found from a long research that Proton Pump increase the risk of early death and a man involves in many different kinds of health problems.

PPI creates excess acid in the stomach which creates serious condition for a person because through this drug kidney can be damaged and US Food and Drug Administration have said that only lower dose can be used for a short time period while long period doses create serious problems.

British Medical Journal Open has filed a report on the basis of a long research and study that 25% risk can be increased of early death when a person uses Proton pump inhibitors.

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