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Top 10 handsome boys in Pakistan In 2019


Pakistan is a country that has been blessed with not only beautiful landscapes but also with beautiful people. The biggest proof of this fact is the Pakistani entertainment industry which is filled with many gorgeous actresses. Not only the actresses, but the industry is filled with many handsome men who are making huge strides not only in Pakistan but in neighboring countries with not only their handsome looks but also with their talents.

For our readers today we have gathered a list of the top 10 handsome boys in Pakistan which is as follows.

Fawad Khan

Well, no list of the handsome Pakistani boys is complete without mentioning the name of Fawad Khan. The man looks impeccably handsome in every style; be it a bearded one or a clean shaved one.  He has been ruling the hearts of millions of Pakistani women with his handsomeness and now he has done the same for the neighboring country India.

He is one of those handsome men who appear to be effortlessly handsome and attractive.

Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar, like Fawad Khan, is another major name in the Pakistani entertainment industry with his multitalented personality and his immensely handsome looks.

A local of Lahore, Ali Zafar started out small but once he started his career with a song album “Huka Pani” back in 2003, there was no stopping his rise to stardom. In short few years, Ali Zafar has become an integral part of the Pakistani entertainment industry.

His musical talent along with his handsome looks has allowed him to make a name for himself in India as well.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi; a local of Karachi, has a degree in Film Making form USA and made his return back in 2006. The man is the perfect example of a handsome Pakistani man in all of its essence.

Well hold on, he is not a gorgeous face alone, the man before making his entry in the world of entertainment has passed the biggest Civil Services exam of Pakistan and has served an important position for the government.

He left it to make his debut in his passion of a profession, acting back in 2006 and since then he is also amongst the major names in Pakistan.

Bilal Ashraf

Bilal Ashraf is the emerging young name in the Pakistani film industry who made his debut from 2006’s film Jannan. The man is a perfect amalgamation of handsomeness with his tall height and his perfect cheeks on his chiseled jaw.

Bilal looks absolutely stunning, whether he dons out a traditional dress of Pakistani culture or rocking it out in English apparel.

Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan is the light eyed hottie in Pakistan who has solidified his presence in the Pakistani TV industry for many years now. The actor has the ability to entrance the audience with his unique hosting skills as well as his good looks.

The man has a killer smile that has been responsible for stealing the hearts of millions of girls.


Shaan is the name of the Pakistani heartthrob and an actor that has ruled over the Pakistani film industry for longer than any other actor.

The man started his career back in the early 90s and since then has made himself somewhat of an icon in Pakistan. He has managed to make that rugged village look of a brute to appear as handsome. While quite aged than other names on our list, Shaan is actually aging graceful while maintaining his charm and attractiveness.

Imran Abbas Naqvi

Imran Abbas Naqvi is a man of such handsome looks that not only women swoon over him but men are jealous to have his looks. He has made himself renowned not only in Pakistan but also in India. Despite having a beard, Imran has the facial features that actually bestow him with a soft look that makes her fans go wild with his single look.

Mikaal Zulfikar

Mikaal Zulfikar another Pakistani hearthstone that migrated from aboard. The actor is a treat every time he appears on the Pakistani entertainment screen. Whether he be in the funny commercials of Ufone or in the serious TV serial roles, he has the ability to make girls go wild.

Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa another major name in the Pakistan’s hosting TV shows. He has been known for his iconic hosting role in the game show titled “Jeeto Pakistan” which is aired on ARY Digital.

The actor has the ability to indulge with the crowd complete and make them love him. He is able to stand out in the crowd with every kind of attire, whether it be an eastern one or a western one.

Chaudhry Zohaib

Last but not the least is chaudhry Zohaib  who has established himself as one of the most successful emerging industrialist in Pakistan. Part of it is thanks to his good looks but the most is due to his own hard work and talent.

Due to his gorgeous handsome looks, his fan base Is huge which is mostly comprised of women from not only Pakistan but from neighboring countries as well.



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