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Former IT Schultz Staffer Bank Fraud Charges Arrested As Trying To Leave The Country

House Democrats worker former IT Schultz staffer has arrested by FED on Monday evening, he has the charges to make a fraud with bank and Imran Awan has arrested while leaving the country at Dulles International Airport.


Imran Awan who is a House staffer at the center of a criminal investigation potentially impacting dozens of Democratic lawmakers, he has been arrested by the Federal Bureau investigation team at the airport on Monday.

He was said not to leave the country because he has the charges of bank fraud and now he is in the custody of FBI for more investigation.

It was said that Pakistani man Imran Awan who has charges of bank fraud is still working under the US politician Deborah Wasserman Schultz but later by it was explained that he was fired on Tuesday by David Damron, a spokesman for Wasserman Schultz and they have no link with him now.

The bank corrupt Imran Awan is an Pakistani citizen who was living in US under the American famous politician Wasserman Schultz as a IT staffer, he was caught at Dulles International Airport on Monday evening and on Tuesday morning he was released on bail but he was restricted not to leave the country.

37-year-old Imran Awan was arrested by the FBI, U.S. Capitol Police, and Customs and Border Protection at the International Airport of Dulles while he was leaving the country to Pakistan.

It is said that he took the $165,000 home equity loan for a rental property from the bank Congressional Federal Credit Union.

His wife Hina Alvi, has leaved the country earlier with her children to Lahore, Pakistan; , Imran’ s passport has been taken by the court till preliminary hearing Aug. 21, he was released on Tuesday but with restrictions that he must wear GPS monitor and cannot go more than 50 miles away the town.

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