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Donald Trump’s Campaign Catching Up To Him Now As It Be Victorious By Breaking All The Laws

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton was shocking news; it is a challenging situation from months, now his presidency seat is comforting by its own management and personnel decisions.


From the start of his days as a president he is facing a lot of critics about his campaign in 2016 election where he got a victory over his opponent Hillary Clinton.

but these critics about the Russian interference is found to be true when his own advisors and his oldest son Donald trump Jr. revealed whole the story.

Donald Trump is a president of United States of America, he is a businessman and politician; he won the election in 2016 against the Hillary Clinton by a huge margin and from those days he is facing the critics that Russia helped him to win the election but he is denying the news will full confidence.

James Clapper who is a former attorney general of US has said in a interview on CNN that there is no evidence about the sayings of Donald Trump that Russia is not involved in the 2016 election.

some foreign actors influenced the election campaign and according to him Russia helped him to get the victory over his opponent in the election.

According to news that Donald Trump’s son Trump Jr. met with Russian Lawyer Kremlin who is government official attorney at the Trump tower in 2016 before a few weeks ago of his nomination as president and he on the media has confessed about this news of meeting.

Government has made such decisions which are going to be against the president and after the confirmation of news about Russian meddling through Russian attorney Kremlin by his oldest son Trump Jr. in 2016 election, Donald Trump’s presidency is in danger now.

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