Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

Dean Metropoulos Net Worth; How Much Is Dean Metropoulos Net Worth?

Dean Metropoulos Net Worth in 2018: $2.1 Billion

Dean Metropoulos is known as one of the richest personalities in world as he is the man of Greek descent, he is an American businessman as well as a big investor and his total net worth according to different sources is $2.1 billion.


The American billionaire Charles Dean Metropoulos was born on May 1946 in Tripoli, Greece but later when he was ten years old he with his parents moved to US for a new start of life.

He completed his bachelor degree from Babson College, which is situated in Wellesley, Massachusetts, after this he went to Switzerland for GTE International’s (now Verizon) European, Middle Eastern and African operations as he wanted to become a financial director and he returned to US as he was the youngest controller of company.

After returning to the United States, he created the company International Home Foods during mid 90s, he got a lot of success in all that age as Dean was succeed to redevelop some franchises.

That have gone to hell and some of them are Chef Boyardee, PAM Cooking Spray, and Bumble Bee Seafoods which are later caused for him to earn a big fortunes.

About four years ago he sold his company for $3 billion, he is considered as most rational investor as later he purchased a small profit earner company Aurora Foods while when he sold it Dean got the big amount $2.2 billion by emerging Pinnacle Foods in that franchise.

He is now considered one of the richest American businessmen as he gathered a massive fortune, in recent days, for $250 million Dean purchased Pabst Brewing Co. right now he is the owner of Castle on the Hudson luxury hotel and Metropoulos & Co.

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