Published On: Sat, Jul 8th, 2017

Cease-Fire In Part Of Syria: Jordan, US And Russia Deal Over Control Fire

State secretary Rex W. Tillerson said on Friday after the first face to face meeting with American president Donald Trump and Russian president that they are agreed on a deal to cease the fire in some southwestern parts of Syria.


It is said by the state department of officials who was involved in the meeting that other important points of the deal will be shown to media later as days go, this is a first some kind of deal between three countries on Syria and he said that other points like controller of violence will be declared later.

After months of negotiation and meeting between leaders, it has declared now that Syrian some parts will face now cease fire condition.

It comes as result of many nights work between countries and the deal is made in the first meeting between American, Jordan and Russian presidents.

According to Mr.Tillerson, deal is done between Russian president Putin and US president Donald Trump on Friday in Hamburg, Germany; it is a first chance for both of them to work together in Syria and in the deal the other areas of the country were also included in discussion.

State Department official said on Friday that a boundary line is set among the area of control under America and Russia; it is decided in the meeting that they will continue the fight against the Islamic state and both the countries will secure the Syrian public against ISIS.

Moscow has said that the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has accepted the deal, they have no issues, on other sides America said that Syrian government Of Assad cannot have a long term leaderships in the country or his any family member and still they accepted the deal.

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