Published On: Wed, Sep 6th, 2017

Caribbean Powerful Hurricane Irma Category 5 Atlantic Storm Makes Landfall

Irma which is considered as most strongest Hurricane of Atlantic, now the most powerful storm is going the hit the Caribbean and the government is ready to face the landfalls as well as Gulf and East coasts residents have to be ordered to for preparation.


Florida is in danger as from as extremely massive storm is coming towards the Caribbean, the security teams have managed their positions to face the storm.

The main regions which are in the danger zone are St Kitts and Nevis while the President of the country has called this situation as most dangerous for the residents.

Caribbean islands are known as one of the most beautiful island in the world, as they are considered as richest in nature.

These are the most famous tourist places in the country while British tourist who were there, have left the area as the danger alarm has started and it is said that may be the storm will be cause of destruction in the region.

Atlanta never face such a storm because it is considered as extremely dangerous of category 5 as said by the experts, island of Barbuda will be the first who will face the Hurricane Irma and the winds which are coming with the storm, have the speed of 185 mph which is has alarmed the region.

It is said that whole US in danger as earlier US state Harvey has lost many lives in the flood due to heavy rains, now Florida is going to face the destructive situation and according to the experts that storm will hit the Caribbean in this weekend.

The experts have declared the some states who are thought to be more dangerous, where storm will hit first and that are Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba.

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