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Canadian Hostage Claimed That Taliban Killed Infant Daughter And Wife Was Raped

Canadian man, who was being held hostage by terrorist group for five years in Afghanistan, claimed that Taliban killed his infant daughter, according to him they raped his American wife while he is free now and arrived in Toronto Friday night.


The family freed up now from the terrorist group Taliban by the hands of Pakistan army, a great job done by the military who helped them to go home after 5 years of hostage.

The Canadian man reached on the Toronto Airport Friday night while now he claimed that terrorist group members raped his wife and killed their infant daughter.

Joshua Boyle with his American wife Caitlan Coleman along his children at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, he spoke to news about the cruelty of terrorist group in Afghanistan.

According to him his wife was raped by them, he claimed about their child born in captivity that the fourth child was killed by the Talban.

He spoke to media inside the Air Canada terminal that Haqqani Network which is a group of terrorists, is very stupid, he revealed their evil works.

He further said that his wife was helping the poor people in a village while Talban in Afghanistan has kept them for five years and also raped her while they faced a lot of problems.

The family was caught in October 2012 when they was on a helping mission of poor people while at that time the American lady was pregnant.

At last they have reached the home after five years, the operation is done by the Pakistan government, the army found them in Afghanistan mountains during a operation.

Pakistan army is known as one of the best military forces in world and now they saved a Canadian family from the hands of Talban.

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