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California Wine Country Fires: At Least 10 Dead While More Than 100 Injured

Wildfires have killed many people as it struck the wine country’s some areas of Napa, Mendocino and Sonoma counties on Monday night, at least 100 are injured while many of the residents are still missed as reported by their relatives.


At least 100 are injured while many have dead because of spreading fire on Monday night in the wine country of California.

Health department of country reported that at more than hundred people have missed while dozens of people are on beds in hospitals due to smoke inhalation and fire has burnt hundred of houses of the destinations.

According to government officials that more than ten people have lost their lives due to fire explosions, it is said that seven people who have dead belong to city Santa Rosa in Sonoma County while from 10.

One dead man belong to city Mendocino County and Napa County has lost two lives in results of high powered fire on Monday night.

It is reported by the concerned department that the people who have burnt or in critical situation due to inhalation of smoke have transferred to the burn emergency departments in hospitals.

Which are situated in areas of Napa and Sonoma where some of them are in serious condition while most of them are out of danger.

On Monday night, more than 119,032 acres in California of wildfires have burnt which has destroyed hundreds of houses while dozens of people have injured.

The government has called the emergency situation in the wine country and Cal Fire Director Ken Pimlott said that due to dry conditions, fire spread in all over the area.

The fire started on Sunday but due to dry conditions in the wild areas, the fire spread as stated by the Fire director and firefighters are trying to deal with extreme danger.

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