Published On: Sat, Oct 14th, 2017

California Wildfire: At Least 36 People Dead While Almost 6000 Buildings Destroyed

As the wildfire is spreading in the areas of California, the state is under attack while more than 6,000 buildings have destroyed while according to officials, at least 36 people have died and wind is help the fire for more devastation.


Firefighters from other regions have come for winning the battle against deadliest wildfires as dozens of people are still missed while a huge number of houses have destroyed.

The officials say that death rate is rising as the security teams are searching the neighbor areas from Santa Rosa to the hills of Napa County and dangerous wind is the cause of more destruction.

In California state different areas have affected due to which many people have lost their lives.

Mendocino County is confirmed that it has three people while their name has released as they are Kai Logan Shepherd, 14, Roy Howard Bowman with his wife Irma Elsie Bowman and that are belonged to Redwood valley.

According to a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office statement that a teenager is found dead while it seems that she was trying to run away from fire but high flames caught him near his house on the 11300 block of West Road.

With the passage of time, the destruction is increasing as the Redwood Valley fire devastated the 34,000 acres while from it 10% of total has burned on Friday and now dangerous winds may increase the fire range in the wine country.

The wine country has requested for more firefighters to other neighborhood states as wildfire is going to spread due to winds.

They are battling on the front to save the area as more as they can, while according to officials that almost 6,000 buildings have destroyed and 36 people have dead in this disaster.

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