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Brain, Liver Can Damage By Smoking Cigarettes Because Of Its Smell In Clothes And Furniture

It is found by the researchers that smell of smoking cigarettes can affect the liver and brain as it prevails in clothes, furniture etc while it is a bad news for the smokers because it is proved that smoking is harmful for the human health.


At the University of California, Riverside, Researchers found this fact about the smoke of tobacco, it is a harsh news for the persons who are regular users of it, from a long time health departments are trying to stop the people from the over consumption of the cigarettes.

By the California researchers, it is found that Cigarette smoke can damage the Brain as well as liver.

Researchers collected the samples from different homes where consumption of tobacco was on high level, the found that it is harmful for the human health.

They called the smoke of cigarettes dangerous as its smell found in furniture, clothes and most of the home use things which are in use of smokers.

At international level, the world health departments are making serious efforts to control its consumption while in many countries.

A large number of people are the consumers of the cigarette like most in developing countries and harsh research has found about it’s over doze.

Cigarette smoke is very dangerous for health as it was announced many of times that the people who use the cigarettes, they have the 50 percent more chance for diabetes of level 2.

Now after 6 months of research, a group of researchers found a fact at the University of California, Riverside that it damages the immune system of human.

There are many serious affects of the smoking while it can cause increase in cortisol levels, a weakened immune system, and increased insulin resistance.

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