Published On: Tue, Oct 24th, 2017

At Least 60 Dead In Afghan Mosque Suicide Bomb Blast, IS Claimed The Responsibility

In Shia Imam Zamam mosque, at least 39 worshippers have killed in the capital Kabul while Afghanistan’s capital faced two suicide attacks at two different mosques on Friday which have killed about 60 people while dozens of people are injured.


Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish reported that suicide attacker explode himself in the mosque when all the people were busy in worshipping.

At Shiite mosque at least 45 are injured while more than 39 people have dead, the security forces have taken the control the capitals’ affected areas and other 20 people have dead in another attack on mosque.

According to Ghor provincial spokesman, Abdulhai Khatebi told to news that suicide attackers walled into the mosque with an explosive jacket, when people were worshiping.

He blasted himself in the mosque when there was a huge number of people, and this mosque is situated in the Doleena district on Friday afternoon where many residents have dead.

Afghanistan has lost thousands of life in recent days as Taliban, which is considered as one of the most powerful terrorist group in world.

Is spreading fear through blasts and attacks in country, in recent days they made a attack on military base which has took many lives and now the target was the most peaceful place in the world which is mosque.

In country’s capital Kabul, two mosques were targeted by the terrorist group on Friday, one is Shiite mosque which is situated in the capital.

Interior ministry reported that at least 39 people have dead while more than 45 are injured and according to police the blast was made in the early evening.

The second attack was made on a Sunni mosque in Ghor province where twenty people have dead and about 10 are injured in a Friday suicide attack.

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