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At Least 43 Afghan Soldiers Dead In Suicide Attack On Base By Taliban Militants

At least 43 Afghan soldiers have killed in southern Afghanistan, the attack made by the Taliban terrorist group at the military base while reports says that only two people have survive in this suicide bomb attack and in this week this is the third attack on security forces.


Taliban militant forces made the attack on Afghan military base on Thursday due to which about 43 soldiers have dead while only two people are there who have survived.

The areas is covered by the security forces, the suicide bomb attack claimed by the Taliban and the attack took place in Maiwand district in Kandahar province.

According to official reports, at least nine people have injured who have transferred to the nearby hospitals while some of them are in critical situation.

The bomb attack was made with the help of a vehicle due to which a massive damage has occurred and investigation is on its way to search out the suspects that are involved in the attack.

The Defense ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said to news that terrorist group used a Humvee with explosive, the attack was mad on Thursday morning.

They blasted the compound with high powered explosive due to which dozens of Afghan soldiers have killed and, at least nine people wounded some of them are in critical situation while they have sent to hospitals near the damaged area.

The terrorist group claimed that they have destroyed everything, they said through a message that everyone on the base have killed by the militants.

While on other hand defense ministry said that terrorist used a explosive car first to destroy the gate, at least 43 have dead and now the control of Afghan military base is in the hands of National army.

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